Five Things Nobody Can Do for YOU.

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  • All five things come naturally to all people. Only learning requires more dedication, effort, and persistence. And it is a modern citizen's duty to learn, especially when society is providing K-12 education for free.

  • Students, intrinsic motivation and hardwork are required if YOU are going to learn, to improve, to excel. YOU CAN.

  • Here is a Chinese translation

    吃喝拉撒和學習, 五件事無人能替.

    Wonder if anyone has a better way of putting it in Chinese.

  • Here is a Spanish translation

    Comer, beber, mear, cagar, aprender, cinco cosas que nadie puede hacer por usted.

    Wonder if anyone has a better way of putting it in Spanish.

  • Here is a little fun. Sad it rings so true. YouTube Video

  • It is time to realize that students must put in the efforts to learn. There is no substitute for that.
    Education Spending from Huffpost

  • CNN Money article: Americans lacking in basic skills--Quote: Our students spend an enormous amount of time watching TV and playing video games," she said. "How can we expect high levels of literacy from people who don't read?

    It is time for everyone to realize that students must put more efforts into learning. They are responsible to do the hard work of learning and reap the rewards later.

  • Improve schools and teaching, great! But student effort and attitude are basic causes of failing to learn. View conversation

  • Students ought take home books and homework and have access to learning on the web. But they need to put in time and effort everyday.

  • Students who do not keep up will have to STAY in their grade instead of advancing to the next grade. Makes sense?

  • Improving K-12 education? Time to think outside the box. How about asking students to put in the necessary efforts?

  • Time running out on America's education reform efforts. We need to have learner reform so students will take responsibility for learning.

  • As a society, people in the US need to better promote the idea that ultimately it is the student's responsibility to learn.

  • Learn your passion, good. But having no passion is just an excuse. It is being lazy and not applying yourself.

  • After graduation, parking lot is full of litter from discarded notes and other school work. To many learning is such a drag. No wonder.

  • After paying for driver's lessons, would you celebrate if lessons are canceled due to snow/instructor sickness? Are regular school lessons any different?

  • Students pay dear tuition yet are happy to have little homework or more snow days ... WHY? Do they want to gain knowledge?

  • When students failed to learn, who is to blame? Teachers? Schools? Parents? Friends? Society? NO. Everyone who wants to learn can. And everyone who does not want to learn please stop blaming others.


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